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1 S.O.U.L. Product Setup:

Details matters!
Accurate details regarding any products you add helps the customer to have detailed information regarding the items so that they can visualize and be clear with the specifications, discounts, models, color(s) and other variants before making a purchase. It also adds informative variables to the sellers in tracking products and maintaining transparency with the customers.

When you sign up as a seller, you will have access to add products which contains 8 tabs across the top of the product setup page. Below are elaborations on each tab and how to complete them when adding your product. Complete each tab per the instructions below when adding a product so that it gives you the most exposure possible on our site as well as across the world wide web:

1st Tab - General: This tab allows the Seller to enter the product details such as model, SKU, product condition, add tags and quote the price. Sellers can choose the brand and category where the product belongs.

Shipping details (Under General):Seller select the countries/locations where the shipping is available, whether the shipping can be free or paid.

2nd Tab - Data: Here, Sellers can opt to track the stock subtraction statuses, track inventory, shipping required/not and whether to keep the product under featured categories. They can enter the details regarding the dimensions, length/weight and YouTube video.

Filters (Under Data): This tab allows Seller to map the product to the filters so that it can be searched easily by the end-users. Related products option here, allows the Seller to associate other similar products that will appear to the end-users on the product detail page as reference.

3rd Tab - SEO: This tab is for SEO purpose. Sellers can add page title that should appear on clicking the product, description and keywords that can be used for optimization and ranking. SEO is one of the most important categories for listing your product. Try to choose a good Meta title, accurate key words and a good description as this will help you tremendously in having your product found on Google and other search engines.

4th Tab - Specifications: This tab allows the Seller to define the specifications for his product. Attributes names are selected and the values are mentioned. The results are shown under the "Specifications" tab on the Product detail page.

5th Tab - Options: This tab allows user to manage various variants for a product. Sellers can select the options, mark whether the underlying option will be mandatory for selection or not and then enter the values for the same. Sellers need to select the option value, enter quantity, price and weight values.

6th Tab – Qty Discount: Here, Sellers can configure multiple discounts for a product. You can configure: quantity, discounted price of the product, priority, discount validity/duration to which the discounts will be applied.

7th Tab – Special Discount: Here, Sellers can configure special price for a product. Details such as special price of the product, priority, validity/duration to which the special price will be applicable should be entered.

8th Tab – Downloads: This tab is for any type of non-physical product. If you are selling an ebook, a video, a lesson or any electronic item here is where you upload the product. You also get to determine how long the buyer has access to the downloadable product and how many times they get to download it.