What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a tricky concept for anyone can practice it yet most who gravitate towards this concept of spirituality are already somewhat spiritually evolved. What this means is that while most people around the globe follow a particular religion or consider themselves religious, many are not quite spiritual. This is an ironic dichotomy for most spiritual beings know that, in fact, all people and things are ultimately spiritual or "of the Spirit." In other words, there are are only two kinds of people in this world - those who are spiritual and KNOW that they are of Spirit and those who are spiritual but are NOT aware of their spiritual being. That's it! No one religion, in spite of what many may believe, has a monopoly on God, Spirit or spirituality. So it is true one can be very religious and spiritual but it is likewise true that one can be spiritual without adhering to a religion.

While essentially all major religions began from the teachings of a spiritually awakened or advanced being, the religions themselves tend to lose their "spiritualness" because they are oftentimes usurped by people who don't truly understand the spiritual truths behind the words of the Teacher. While it can be beneficial for people to come together and have spiritual experiences together in the form of praise or worship, this is not an essential requirement to be spiritual. In fact, most spiritual experiences are held in the solitude of the individual who has learned to look within him or her self for their true spiritual essence or nature.

A prime example of someone who sees spirituality all around them but can be ignorant of what they're seeing are many scientists. A large portion of scientists observe spiritual phenomenon everyday in their experiments or research labs but fail to see what they are truly witnessing are manifestations of Spirit in action. The problem is that scientists only want to support that which they can "prove" through their scientific experiments but in truth Spirit cannot be "proven" with the external instruments of measurement. Spirit can only be "proven" by using an instrument of Spirit which is the human soul. The soul is of the same essence as Spirit. The soul can only be recognized when one sits still and lets go of all of their external sensory tools and uses the only spiritual instrument we possess which is the instrument of pure awareness found in Stillness!

Spiritual Network:

1 S.O.U.L is an acronym for "One Source Of Universal Love" and is a Spiritual Nexus for Global Transformation. We began as a simple spiritual network on many of the social media platforms and have evolved into more of a movement that encompasses spiritual principles and marries them with entrepreneurial passions to benefit the individual and the masses. On 1 S.O.U.L. you can find people from around the world to network with for personal interests or for business purposes. 

We are a Spiritual Network helping to transform the way people view themselves and others. While many things in life tend to separate us like race, religion, language, nationality, etc., we believe that love is the greater "uniter" and has the power to transcend all of the attributes of the ego that divide us. We've created this platform to allow easy networking, having fun while also opening the opportunity for saving money, exposing a hobby, learning about interesting products from around the world while simultaneously having the ability to make a living. Explore our spiritual articles to learn a lot more!

Spiritual Marketplace:

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